Jul 06

A topless fireman butler

Topless Fireman Butler

Topless Fireman Butler

A topless fireman butler like Kieran doesn’t come along very often ladies. But what makes Kieran so extra special is that he’s not just dressing up as a topless fireman (We all know a Fever Fireman outfit from Ebay when we see one) , Buff Butler Kieran actually is a real life fireman in his main day job too. He spends his days rushing to house fires, car crashes and other emergencies across the land in his big red fire engine…… rescuing people from accidents and near brushes with death, cats who are stuck up trees children who have got them selves into danger and horses who have fallen down ditches and in the evenings he’s rescuing ladies from hen – weekend – overload too, by lifting their spirits as he serves refreshments at their parties and then runs awesome party games for everyone. If you want photos of the hens with Kieran he’s always willing and  he might even let you wear his hat if you’re lucky. Boredom simply doesn’t feature in Kierans life anywhere!

So if you feel like a buff butler with a fireman twist, just let us  know and we will see if  topless Fireman Kieran can fit your party into his busy schedule sometime soon. The more notice we have the better as he does get rather booked up as you would imagine! Sadly he’s not allowed to bring the fire engine and all the crew with him, but with one guy like Kieran at your party, believe me you need no others!

Some places are doing fire engine rental for parties though ladies if you want to carry the topless fireman butler theme a bit further. ………..I know one young lady who got her dad to do a BBQ for her and her friends for the hen party last summer. (Dads are always great at this and they love showing off their BBQing skills to lots of lovely young ladies) Then she secretly got her dad to make the BBQ a bit hotter than necessary, he added some dry wood etc and pretended it had got a bit out of control. She pretended to call 999 and five minutes later sure enough a big red fire engine came noisily down the road with its blue lights flashing. She sent the hen to answer the doorbell and in came a gorgeous hunky fireman who said he’d been sent over because things were getting a bit hot at this party. He removed his jacket showing his rippling muscles and  said he’d come to serve them some nice cool cocktails! At this point the hen twigged he was not the usual type  of fireman!