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Party FAQs

Party FAQs

Party FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked Party FAQs that come our way, we hope they help, but if not please do call us, we’d love to help and we have a wealth of totally free party planning experience to share with you! There can’t be many Party FAQs left that we haven’t heard of!

Do the topless butlers bring the silver trays with them?

Many people prefer not to use the trays so the naked butlers bring just their gorgeous selves and their uniform with them. The silver trays you see in our pictures can easily and cheaply be bought from ASDA Wilkinsons and other high street names (currently at about £3.50 each). You will need one round one per buff butler for drinks and several large oval ones for the canapes or finger foods.

Can I take pictures of the buff butlers?

Absolutely! We take great pride in making your event memorable, how else are you going to show everyone at work and your friends all the excitement the next day. All we ask is you send a few in our direction so we can put them in the naked butler gallery of fame!

Can you provide catering for my party?

We provide catering for parties and events, we have local catering companies on our books that give us excellent rates that we can pass on to you.


Where are naked butlers allowed to go?

Our naked butlers mainly go to private locations, ie our rather cheeky butlers go to private homes, our extremely hunky butlers go to weekend cottages, our gorgeous topless butlers go to private function rooms in pubs or hotels, they can go on your girls hen night with you in the stretch limo, but you’ll have to ring in advance to check which clubs will let him in – some do, some don’t. Naked butlers can also become dressed butlers or partially dressed butlers if you want to take them out in public without worry, just ask that they bring some trousers when you book and we will make sure they are totally prepared. There are various bars that are specially welcoming to our buff butlers, among which you will find Bar 38 in Gunwharf Quays, Porstmouth. The Orange Rooms, Southampton. The Alice Barge docked at Gunwharf Quays Porstmouth.

How wide an area do your naked butlers cover?

We cover the following – Buff butlers Hampshire, eg buff butlers Portsmouth, naked butlers Southampton, buff butlers Fareham, naked butlers Eastleigh, Topless waiters Salisbury Wiltshire, buff butlers Bristol, buff butlers Guildford, buff butlers Esher Surrey, buff butlers Horsham, naked butlers Middlesex, topless waiters  Crawley, buff butlers West Sussex, naked butlers Bognor, buff butlers Brighton, topless waiters Chichester,  buff butlers East Sussex , buff butlers Maidstone, topless waiters Canterbury, naked butlers Kent, buff butlers Sittingbourne, buff butlers London, naked butlers London, topless waiters London, Buff butlers Enfield, Buff butlers Kensington, Buff butlers High Wycombe,. We have buff butlers in Oxfordshire, buff butlers Cambridgeshire , Naked butlers Norwich, Buff butlers Essex buff butlers Leicester, buff butlers Stoke On Trent. Buff butlers Liverpool, Naked butlers Manchester, Topless waiters  Manchester, buff butlers Birmingham,naked butlers Birmingham, buff butlers Leeds and Hull.

We have some buff butlers in Wales too: Buff butlers Swansea, Naked butlers Cardiff,  but we are taking more butlers on daily, so if we havent mentioned your area just give us a ring anyway – we still may be able to help.

Whether you are planning a relaxing hen weekend in a cottage on the Yorkshire Moors, a hen night on a barge or party boat, serene partying in the calm of the  Cotswolds or whether you are exploring the vibrant city night life with a buff butler in London, a cheeky butler in Guildford, a topless butler in Chichester, a hunky butler in Bournemouth, topless waiter in Southampton, a naked butler in Porstmouth or Brighton – any one of our gorgeous young hunky butlers will be the icing on the cake of your ladies event, whether you decide to take him to the club with your group or just have him serving drinks and canapes at home and in the limo – it’ll be a night to remember!

What is the butler going to do at my party?

Firstly he will be looking fantastic! Apart from this he will do normal butler type jobs like meeting and greeting your guests with a warm, friendly smile, either directing them where to hang their coats or offering to take them from them. Then he will offer them drinks and later food, snacks or whatever you want him to hand around. He can help out if needed in the kitchen, but probably it’ll be a fairly full time job keeping everyone’s drinks topped up, so that you can relax and enjoy the party too. Whilst he’s mingling and serving people he’ll be chatting to and charming your guests, oiling the wheels of conversation and ensuring everyone has a great time! Many butlers can mix cocktails – very popular if you want to give your hen night a theme such as Sex In The City, if you require this service please tell us at time of asking for your quote.

How many hunky butlers will I need?

We find that one of our hunky butlers between 10 or 15 guests means he can best give the ladies all the individual attention they deserve, but we appreciate that cost is often a crucial issue when deciding these things, and if you book one butler for 20 guests it makes it only £6.50 per head for a two hour booking, but he’ll just be spread around a little thinner.

How long do I get to keep my naked butler for?

You can hire him by the hour subject to a minimum booking of 2 hours. If you’d like to keep your naked butler either for a weekend or a whole day, we can quote you more advantageous rates than the hourly rate. See Butler Prices section of the website for more details.

What will the butler wearing?

Normally naked butlers will wear just a wing collar, bow tie, cuffs and a black apron. If your guests would prefer a more “covered” approach, he can wear black trousers, ask for a dressed butler when booking.