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Drinking Games

Drinking Games should break the ice, oil the wheels of the party and relax the guests ready for other types of games. To keep your party in balance it’s probably best to choose a couple of drinking games, followed by some more active games, chocolate games and maybe a quiz. People won’t want to spend all night playing games so pick selectively from all sections to keep the balance and ensure everyone has a good time.

Clink and Drink (The naked butler gives everyone a drink and calls out the questions)
1. This is best played early in proceedings. Give everyone the same drink (keep things simple, ie shots, bubbly etc)
2.Tell them all that if they belong to the group of people that’s called out then they each have to clink glasses and drink.
3. Call out groups such as-

Clink and Drink if you went to school with the bride, Clink and Drink if you are from the brides/grooms family, Clink and Drink if you work with the bride, Clink and Drink if you have known the bride longer than a year, Clink and Drink if you have met the brides Mother before tonight etc

Musical Chairs

You need enough chairs for the group – minus one each time the butler starts the music again. Chairs are placed back to back in 2 rows. ladies all write a forfeit on a post it and put it in a hat. Buff butler ensures music begins and everyone circles the chairs until it stops.Last one who has no seat does forfeit. (Forfeits might include things such as body shots off the naked butler, tell the group an embarrassing thing that happened to them, sing a nursery rhyme/ the national anthem etc, stand on your head and count to 5 etc)