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Chocolate Games

Buff Butler Chocolate Party

Buff Butler Chocolate Party

Chocolate Hen  Night Games


We are always being asked what hen night games we’d recommend our buff butlers play with the ladies. Now without knowing whether a party will be made up of 18 or 80 year olds we’d always say go for chocolate games. Because they are fun, suitable for all ages, all women love chocolate and it’s very hard to offend anyone with chocolate games! Your naked butler will be the assistant, referee and  judge. Just choose the game from the list below and let the fun begin! (By the way if you have never heard of any of these games, just get the topless butler to show you how to play them!)

  1. Blow football – with Maltesers. This game just needs a table, drinking straws and Maltesers. (Tip – it’s much more fun if you have 2 or 3 footballs on the go) If it goes off either end of the table, then it’s a goal. If it goes off the sides then it’s a throw on. Let the buff butler referee the game and make the rest of the rules up as you go!
  2. Blindfolded Mars Eatathon – Chill the mars bars till very hard in fridge. Get the topless waiter to serve each on a plate, one per contestant.(The buff butler can unwrap them if you are feeling really kind towards the contestants)  Using only knife and fork, each lady has to cut up and eat her Mars bar as fast as possible. The first to eat and swallow it all is the winner. The naked butler is the judge of who has won.
  3. Malteser Treasure Hunt – Take 2 paper plates. (or however many plates you need for the number of contestants)  Write (very small in pencil) a different number on each plate’s underside. Eg 9 on one and 12 on the other. Put that many Maltesers on each plate – spread them out. Squirt over the entire plate with squirty cream so you can’t see the Maltesers any more. Put one plate on each chair and get contestants in position with plate in front of them.  No hands are allowed! Start the eating race. Whoever eats all the cream and counts the correct number of Maltesers for their plate is the winner. The naked butler then  checks it against the number on the bottom of the plate.