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Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails by the pool  with friends and a naked butler, as the sun goes down – What could be better!

Here are some favourite summer cocktails sent in by clients. If you have a really good one, perhaps that you have invented yourself – do please send it in, we love to share!


Tequila Sunrise

Half an ounce of Grenadine

One and a half ounces Tequila

Four Ounces Orange Juice

Pour Grenadine into a tall glass. Fill glass with ice cubes. Add Tequila. Add orange juice, slowly stir.



Yellow Bird

One ounce Bacardi

Half an ounce Galiano

Quarter ounce creme de banane

Two onces orange juice

One ounce pineapple juice

Slice of orange to garnish

Fill tall glass with ice. Put the Galiano, the rum, the creme de banane, pineapple and orange juice into a shaker. Shake for a few seconds. Pour it into the glass, garnish with orange slice and a tanned hunky butler.


Stawberry Colada

One and half ounces Bacardi

Two ounces Pineapple juice

One cup ice

One ounce coconut creme

One and half ounces cream

6 Strawberries

Get the buff butler to put every thing except one strawberry into a blender, blend it till smooth. Pour into the glass, add strawberry to side of glass as garnish.



One and a half ounces Advocaat

One slice lemon

Eight ounces lemonade

Get the Semi naked butler to fill a tall glass with ice. Add Advocaat and lemonade, stir. Garnish with lemon slice.