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Easy Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties and hunky buff butlers were made for each other. Naked butlers simply make for easy cocktail parties. These guys are easy on the eye, easy on the ear and very easy company! Your doorbell rings, your gorgeous naked butler answers the door in his short black apron and he welcomes your speechless guests inside with a glass of chilled bubbly or bucks fizz. Then whilst he’s settling guests into comfy chairs in groups around the lounge he quietly notes what cocktails they’d each like to move onto next and then goes to work over in the bar, mixing, shaking and decorating like a true cocktail maestro.

Meanwhile in the kitchen there’s a delicious aroma of baking in the air as the hot spicy canapés are warming in the oven. Your topless waiter appears as if by magic and helps you place them all onto silver trays and then offers them around the guests.

Several rounds of drinks and many conversations later, your buff butler continues to impress by quietly clearing the empty plates and glasses away and then by making coffee for everyone. Not only has everyone enjoyed the butlers charming personality and friendly conversation, whilst he’s helped the hostess look after everyone, but he’s been extremely easy on the eye too. So much so in fact that most people have managed to photograph themselves with him at some point on their phones…………..you just know what the topic of conversation will be about, back at work on Monday don’t you?