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Butler Cocktails

Get summer started with cocktails

The sun is up, the shades are out, warm summer evenings abound again and that means one thing – long, slow, chilled cocktail time and good company with friends! So with this in mind we have created 6 brand new cocktails for you to try, each with a taste of its very own! And you can simply sit back and relax whilst you get your naked butler to mix them all for you and your guests!

If you also come up with a sensational great new cocktail that  you feel is worthy  of shariing, send it to our team, if we feel its worth letting the world know we’ll place it here and a prize will be on its way to you!


cocktail_tango_tingle Tango Tingle
4 cracked ice cubes
1 shot Malibu
1 measure orange juice
2 measures lemonade
Palm tree with fruit eg slice of lime
outrageuous_offer Outrageous Offer
4 crushed ice cubes
1 shot apple sours
2 measures clear lemonade
Sprig fresh mint
cocktail_butlercardi Butlercardi
4 cracked ice cubes
1 shot Bacardi
Half measure/shot fresh lime juice
2 measures cloudy lemonade
Umbrella with cherry and slice lemon
cocktail_midnight_gingerini Midnight Gingerini
4 cubes ice
1 shot Pimms number 1
3 measures Ginger beer
1 slice lemon
1 slice cucumber
Fresh mint sprig
cocktail_fruitful_fling Fruitful Fling
4 cracked ice cubes
1 shot vodka
Half a freshly squeezed lime juice
2 measures clear lemonade
Slice of lemon and cucumber curl
cocktail_dynorod Dynorod
4 cubes crushed ice
1 shot Pimms number 1
1 shot vodka
3 measures clear lemonade
1 slice lemon
1 cherry on cocktail stick