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Cocktail Tips

Cocktail Tips 

Share these top Cocktail Tips with your buff butler so he can produce only the tastiest cocktails at your party:

Add  a dash of Sherbet to fruity cocktails for extra sparkle and surprise!

Always, always , always garnish the cocktails…….. a naked butler looks great, a naked cocktail doesn’t!

Freeze ice cubes with slices of fruit within them so as to match your cocktail.

Freeze actual fruits to use as ice cubes within the cocktails.

Only use good quality spirits and fruits  in your cocktails or you’ll get a poor quality result.

Cocktails are best served from a chilled glass, so either keep them in the fridge or the freezer for an hour beforehand.

Cocktail mixing , much like cooking is a skill that needs a little prior preparation and practice. Mix  some  cocktails for yourself, if they taste good to you, then they will to your guests and you’ll know your butler in  the buff will be serving only the nicest cocktails to your friends.

If you have any really labour saving Cocktail Tips which you have heard of or invented yourself, we would love to share them with other party hostesses, so please do send them in to us.