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Party Butler and Limos Packages

Party Butler and Limo Packages

Party Butler and Limo Packages

The Funbulance

To make your event even more fabulous, we’ve teamed up with Mark One – the high quality but competitively priced provider of novelty and luxury hire vehicles, to provide combined buff butler and funbulance packages! Complete with amazing lighting effects and sound systems you and your friends can Karaoke the night away in the funbulance! (Holds one driver, one butler and 7 revelers)

The Big Red Fire Engine

A Buff Butler or  Firemen and a Fire Engine – now that’s what dreams are made of! The Big Red Fire Engine comes with complimentary Fireman’s helmets and up to 2 real life-uniformed crew! Butlers are happy to dress as crew or a butler to take care of your needs – or your fantasies! If you need a break from the hunky view, Big Red has 2 flat screen TVs, a DVD, CD player and a whole array of lighting effects to play with! (Holds one driver, one crew or butler and 7 apprentices!)

The Stretch Limousines

If you would like a more relaxing vehicle for your guests and naked butler, there is a choice of luxury stretch limos, in pretty pink, classic white or sexy black. All vehicles are fitted out to the highest standard of comfort and taste, with a selection of music, lights and refreshments – a DVD player and TV are also available. (Holds one driver, one hunky butler and 7 passengers).

The needs of the partygoers

No two party groups are ever the same, nor do they have the same requirements. Send us an email or give us a call to tell us exactly what you need and we’ll design a package especially for you.

Please note, our Novelty and Luxury vehicle supplier is based on the south coast. If when you ring for a quote we consider the distance involved (ie the travel costs) would make the vehicle part of the quote too expensive for you, we will just quote the buff butler aspect of it and instead refer you to a local supplier of luxury vehicles in order that you get the best possible value for you special hen night party.