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Hot Tub Party

Just imagine a warm balmy summers evening……… tropical 40 degrees C water, 130 heated air jets massaging every inch of your body, you are relaxing with friends in your own garden – having a hot tub party, when a gorgeous naked butler appears with a silver tray in his hand, laden with chilled bubbly and Belgian chocolates to spoil you and your guests with. Sounds like a dream does n’t it, but more and more ladies are choosing a small select group of friends to enjoy their special occasion with and on such occasions they would rather focus on the quality of their sensory experiences to make the party truly memorable.

Hot Tub Party

Hot Tub Party

Hot  tub hire is available right around the country these days and starts at about £99 for one night. Some hire them out at only £40 per week – why not have one for a week and treat the kids too? You don’t need to do a thing, they come and deliver it, then set it all up for you  – whilst you simply book the butler in the buff and put the bubbly in the cooler.

These hot tub party hire companies links may be useful in your area: They all seem to charge travel for delivery, so pick one that covers your area for best value. Then call us for a really competitive naked butler quote to go with it.