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Chocolate Party

Chocolate hen parties

Girls why not admit it, much though we love a gorgeously handsome and toned buff butler……..we also love our chocolate! In fact some of us love it so much we are pretty much addicted to it! So the prospect of making a hen night based almost entirely around chocolate  could n’t be more appealing!


Buff Butler Chocolate Party

Buff Butler Chocolate Party

The choice of chocolate party is endless. You can go for the skill learning type party, or the extreme fun type party, the tasting chocolate till you’re feeling groggy type party – or a good  old mix of all of those! There are so many chocolate hen party providers around the country and many seem to start around £45 per head with a minimum of 10 ladies to the party. We have put a some  links lower down just to help you get the exact match of chocolate party to your friends requirements that you are after.

But you just know – your chocolate party just wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous semi naked butler to come and dab the melted chocolate gently from your lips and pour you a glass of chilled bubbly to refresh your thirst. (Eating chocolate is seriously thirsty work girls, believe me!) Plus the naked butler’s very handy to help you put all those chocolates you made into the little boxes and tie the little ribbons on. (Somebody even told me they all wrote their initial on his back one at a time in warm chocolate and he had to guess what their initial was  – or they’d lick it off!)