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Buff Butler Friendly Hotels

Buff Butler Friendly Hotels

Buff Butler Friendly Hotels

Buff Butler Friendly Hotels

When it comes to booking hotels and apart hotels for a hen weekend – you have a plethora of choice across the land, But they may not all be buff butler friendly hotels. This is mainly because some hotel managers or owners figure a naked butler on their premises may well:

A) Offend their other guests.

B) Encourage wild noisy hen parties that will annoy the other hotel guests.

C) Ruin their reputation as a respectable, good quality hotel.

There are two ways you can deal with this.

A)     Be open and honest about your intention to have a buff butler before you actually book the hotel. They may be in favour, but if not you can book a room elsewhere.

B)      Don’t tell them about your naked butler, simply meet him downstairs in the foyer and then take him up quietly to the room where you’ll have to ensure that noise levels are kept pretty low and if he moves between suites make him wear a hotel dressing gown over his apron gear. In apart hotels you can have a greater degree of freedom as no other guests come into your suite.

C) Remember a naked butler isn’t for life ladies, he’s just for the party and you really have to give him back after wards girls – no keeping him for the night! Naked butler friendly hotels are naked butler friendly, but not that friendly!


Here are a few Buff Butler Friendly Hotels and Apart Hotels:

Apex City of London Hotel, Central London, EC3N4AX

The Thatch House Hotel, Sutton , Surrey, SM12BN

The Royal Marriott Hotel, Bristol, BS15TA

Premier Apartments, Liverpool, L32FE

The Light Apart Hotel, Manchester, M41PN

The Montpellier Chapter, Cheltenham, GL503AS

Signature Living, Liverpool, L16DS

The Sunset Apartment, Kings Rd, Brighton, BN12FA

The Arc Apartments, Arcadian Centre, Birmingham, B54TD