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Butler Friendly Bars and Clubs

Buff Butler Friendly Bars and  Clubs

Buff Butler Friendly Bars and Clubs

Buff Butler Friendly Bars and  Clubs

You will find at first glance that Buff Butler Friendly Bars and  Clubs seem hard to spot. (They’re never advertised)  However if you bear in mind a couple of things, you will start to locate them much more easily. They really do want your trade, they need it to survive, however they will often consider that a buff butler or topless waiter might well offend other , less broad minded guests, so they think it better to refuse to have him on the premises. The easiest way round this is simply to ask whether there is a private  bar or function room that you can hire for your party, then mention that you have a buff butler who will be meeting and greeting your guests on arrival, helping to serve the guests drinks and presenting a bouquet or cake to the special hen. (Don’t call him a naked butler, naked waiter, topless waiter or semi naked butler, as all these terms scare the life out of establishment owners.) If they suspect too much skin will be on show, reassure them that he will definitely always keep the apron on and he can come in either black boxers with apron or smart black trousers instead. Assure the owner that the topless butler will be inside the private bar at all times, not wandering around the other open areas.

Buff Butler Friendly Bars and Clubs, Spas, pubs, hotel bars etc we have so far  include Bar 38 Gunwharf Quays, Lletycynin Health Spa, Vice Versa Loughborough, Orange Rooms Southampton, Yates’s Bar Leeds, Ivory Lounge Sutton,The Bell Country Pub Crickhowell, The Thatch House Hotel Sutton, Four Seasons Ceridigion, Waltham Abbey Football Club, The V Bar Fareham Football Club, Menzies Welcome Spa Stratford Upon Avon, Royal Marriott Hotel Bristol, The Shore Bar Eastbourne, Apex City Of London Hotel. Kettners Bar & Restaurant Soho London,

Any Buff Butler Friendly Bars and Clubs which you come across whilst arranging your hen party we’d also love to hear about so we can add them onto our list please.