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Marine Butler

Macho Marine Butler !

Want a Macho Marine Butler for your party ladies? – But discovered he’s harder to find than rocking horse poo? Look no further for your £45-£60 phr marine butler girls, we have the best in the land!

Girls, there’s no two ways about it –  We all love a man in a military uniform, but you’ll also be very lucky to get a topless marine butler to serve drinks at your party! They are without a doubt, as drop dead gorgeous as any semi naked butler who works for us – as you can easily see, but they are also very smart and very choosy about the company they keep.  Call now, if you’re feeling exceptionally lucky! (semi naked Marine butler service available only in certain areas of the country – ie if party is situated near Marines) But hey girls lets not let that small point stop us from enjoying a really nice physique! And if we don’t have a genuine Marine Butler near you we can always get one of our other naked butlers ( who are equally fit and handsome) to dress up as a Marine Buff Butler for you and your guests.

Marine Buff Butler

Marine Buff Butler