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Dressed or Naked Butlers

Buff Butler Types

Dressed or Naked Butler?

With or without the pants girls – Which Buff Butler Types are right for you?

We realise there will be times that you have a “mixed” guest list for your party. You want to have a topless hunky butler in an apron for your friends, but you just know your more mature female relatives at the event might well have a hot flush at the sight of a naked rear end on a buff butler! Equally if your dinner party is for both sexes, your male guests will probably not have quite the same appreciation of the view that you have.

In these sensitive situations you may wish to adjust the standard topless butler in apron request to either butler in apron and black boxers or topless butler in black formal trousers.

You have a dilemma. You want the novelty, charm and attraction of the buff butlers at your event but don’t want to offend anyone. Read our buff butler types guide here to see what you can do.

Butlers with or without pants!

The Semi Naked Butler (without the pants)

Quite simply a gorgeous, semi naked hunky butler without the pants in just an apron, collar, cuffs and bow tie wearing his very cheeky smile and a lot of charm!

The Formal Dressed Butler (with the pants)

There will be occasions such as weddings, shop and restaurant openings and certain corporate events, PR events and charity fundraiser events such as large pamper evenings in schools when you still want the majority of the buff butler benefits but would want less of your naked butlers body on show, because for one reason or another it would be less appropriate.

For these type of occasions we can offer butlers with pants, smartly dressed in formal black trousers, with the usual buff butler topless attire of collar, cuffs, black bow tie and lashings of charm! (Please be sure to make it clear to us that you want your butlers wearing trousers at the time of making your booking.)

We realise that everyone has slightly different requirements for their event (we had a recent request for several hunky butlers at a Christian church “ladies day” wearing boxer shorts) and where possible we will do all we can to accommodate you…….we realise that sometimes our cheeky butlers can have a little too much cheek on show!

To see a dressed buff butler at work at a recent McMillan Cancer charity coffee morning, watch the video. There are also some very funny videos of semi naked butlers for your amusement in the Butlers2go 30 second video section……you’ll love them! (So will your friends if you forward them)