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Dinner Parties

Buff Butler Dinner Parties Service

If you are having a dinner party and simply want to impress your friends or have an extra pair of hands at the ready when juggling  difficult dishes, then why not hire a semi naked butler to help take the strain out of welcoming your guests, serving the pre dinner drinks and dinner?

Buff Butler Dinner Parties

Buff Butler Dinner Parties

Our topless butlers are not silver service trained but they will be the height of politeness whilst waiting on your guests and looking absolutely gorgeous! They’ll serve everyone with courtesy and consideration wearing either the apron or black trousers – according to your wishes.( In fact one of our naked butlers was even on TVs Come Dine With Me – wearing a Tarzan like thong.)  And having a hunky butler  there to serve dessert and coffee too will free you up to enjoy socialising with your guests rather than whizzing in and out of the kitchen catering to everyone’s needs yourself. You gain when you let the naked butler take the strain.

Tips for a smooth dinner party:

1.Choose a menu that can largely be pre-prepared in advance and is well within your skill level and experience.

2.Cheating is ok – Mixing ready- made sauces and desserts in with all your homemade dishes is going to be barely noticeable amongst the whole dinner menu.

3.They have come to see you and enjoy your company, not to get a Michelin starred culinary experience……just concentrate on the socialising and  meanwhile let the buff butler do all the fetching and carrying. Between the two of you the guests will feel welcome and well looked after.