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Cocktail Parties

Buff Butler Cocktail Parties

Sometimes we all need cocktail parties with a little extra sparkle. So next time you are planning a cocktail party and have downloaded all the recipes for your favourite cocktails, why not order a cheeky buff butler to mix and serve them too?

Cocktail Parties

One topless cocktail waiter will be able to cater for up to 12 -15 ladies who need cocktails mixing. Groups bigger than that we would recommend you book another buff butler too, because cocktail making is time consuming and you wouldn’t want guests waiting around too long for their drinks would you?

Cocktail Party Tips

1.If you have an idea what particular cocktails you want your naked butler to mix at your party, print the recipes up, then use these as your shopping list of ingredients when you go out to the supermarket. Remember they each need decorating and lots of ice.

2.Buy a bag of frozen ice from the supermarket freezer section – it’s only a pound  for a huge bag and it will last all evening and save your buff butler lots of time.

3.Either print each of the handful of cocktails you want and leave the recipe in the bar area, or download the “Pocket Cocktails” app to your phone.