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Birthday Parties

Buff Butler BirthdayParties

Buff Butler BirthdayParties

Birthday Parties with a buff butler, what could make your friends, mums, or daughters day more special than that? Well, gorgeous and charming though your naked butler undoubtedly will be, why not make her day extra special by getting your topless waiter to appear with a red rose in his teeth when he first arrives in his topless waiter apron gear? We can even get him to call you as he approaches the party, so you can smuggle him in unnoticed through a side or back door and then bring him out ready at the perfect moment to present to her! Have your cameras at the ready though………her face will be an absolute picture when she sees his bare faced cheek and gorgeous physique! They are not called cheeky butlers for nothing!

Why not get your topless butler to do a bit more than simply serve the drinks and canapes at the party though? He’s very willing to help run a few party games to liven things up a bit. (Please checkout our Chocolate Hen Night Games page and our Drinking Games Page in advance of the party for some simple easily resourced ideas……..Believe me, get the Maltesers and Mars Bars in, it will be the best nights fun you’ve ever had with your clothes on!)

When you’ve chatted , eaten, drunk, danced  and played games, why not get the semi naked butler to bring in the fully lit birthday cake and present it to her whilst you all sing her birthday song? And then why not get some nice pictures of you all with the buff butler  and just her with him too for her Facebook birthday photo album? And if any of the guests want to do it all again on their special birthday, we can give you a completely different gorgeous hunky butler to make their day too!