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Buff Butler Jokes

Buff Butler Jokes

Our Butler Jokes are only meant to entertain, if you are of a particularly sensitive nature, please don’t take offence. 

Buff ButlerJokes 1 

Question: “What do you call a Geordie Shore Buff Butler in Portsmouth?”
Answer: “  Lost!”


Buff Butler Jokes 2

Golf Mystery
Guest: “Is there a golf course in the grounds of this house?”
Buff Butler: “No madam”
Guest: ”Then why does my sheet have 18 holes in it”


Buff Butler Jokes 3

Lady hostess: “What kind of soup is this butler?”
Cheeky butler: “It’s bean soup madam.”
Lady: “ I don’t care what it’s been, I want to know what it is?”


Buff Butler Jokes 4

Lady of the house: “Butler, what’s this fly doing in my soup?”
Buff butler: “It looks like backstroke to me madam”


Buff Butler Jokes 5

Lady hostess: “Butler, I want you to stand at the door and call the guests names as they step over the threshold,”
Hunky butler: “But of course Madame, I’ve wanted to do that for ages!”


Buff Butler Jokes 6
Edward Lear the 19th Century landscape artist, once wrote of a favourite duchess who gave magnificent dinner parties, attended by the highest society. “One night whilst entertaining, she let out a huge fart and quickly focused her gaze on Hawkins the Domestic Butler, standing behind her. “Hawkins!” She cried, “Stop that!” “Certainly, Your Grace.” He replied with un-phased dignity,” Which way did it go?”