Oct 02

Buff butler – Life Drawing

Buff butler – Life Drawing via Butlers2go

Would you like a fun activity for your hen party afternoon? With a model who has a perfect buff butler physique?

Life Drawing is a fun activity that is easy to facilitate wherever you are staying and there’s no need to book a special conference room or venue for it. A sitting room works fine for buff butler life drawing. As you can see, you can easily “artist theme” the special occasion by getting everyone to wear glasses or berets or even Picasso style artist smocks!

Buff butler Life Drawing

Buff butler Life Drawing

So long as there is enough space for the group to sit comfortably in a semi circle, then there us room for buff butler – life drawing. Even if you have never sketched or drawn before, you will be amazed at what you will learn about line , shape and form in this session. Plus you will be delighted with your own work of art!

The sessions usually last an 1 hour, but 90 minutes or 2 hours can be negotiated if you want longer.

Drawing materials and a hunky professional model are provided.

All you need to do is book. Contact us and we will put you in touch directly with the buff butler who does the life drawing classes.

Photos can be taken with the buff butler-life drawing model at the end of the session so you have a nice memento of this special occasion.


*** The life model will be nude during the drawing exercise, but this is not a strip show. Nobody will be made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. This is a professional service and nobody is permitted to touch the model or visa versa.